Speak like a native immediately: ‘chuck’, ‘luv’ & ‘duck’

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Speak like a native immediately: ‘chuck’, ‘luv’ & ‘duck’

If you’ve ever spent any time in the UK, you may well have heard somebody say ‘chuck’ or ‘luv’ or maybe even ‘duck’ to you. Translating the words in your mind, it probably leaves you thinking “Weird this total stranger has just called me ‘Liebling’, ‘Liebes’ or god forbid (Gott behüte) ‘Ente’ (no just kidding! Schatz)”

Welcome to another one of those typically British quirks (Eigenart). What you hear depends pretty much where you are or where the person originally is from.

To get the full picture and help you prepare for your next trip to the UK, check out the BBC article: “Do people really say “ay up me duck?” including a UK dialect greeting guide.


Tarah! (Northern English) (Tschüss) C u tomorrow.

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