Sports Small Talk.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Sports Small Talk.

Keep abreast of (auf dem Laufenden sein) the British sports scene for your next mail, chat or meeting with British friends, acquaintances (Bekannte) and also (prospective) clients by downloading the BBC sports app.

You’ve often read my posts banging on about (die ganze Zeit von etw reden) the BBC News app to keep up-to-date on world news and to practise your “News English” Check out my Know Your Newspaper Words free download PDF @

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If you had the app as I write this blog, you would be able to read the following headlines.

  1. Cricket. England beat India, but hosts still have issues to address (Hier: Probleme angehen)
  2. Football. Man Utd beat Burnley despite (trotz) Rashford red (card) and missed Pogba penalty (Elfmeter).
  3. Tennis. Defending champion (Titelverteidiger) Nadal into US Open quarter-finals.
  4. F1. “Hamiliton shows why he’s in pantheon (Ruhmeshalle) of great drivers but are Ferrari throwing it away?”
  5. Football. Messi-inspired Barcelona thrash (niederwerfen) Huesca
  6. Football: Arsenal need late Lacazette strike (hier: Tor) to see off (hier: nach Hause schicken) spirited (mutig) Cardiff
  7. Football: Watford shock Spurs (Tottenham Hotspurs) to maintain (beibehalten) perfect start.

Scrolling down the page you come to the scores, results and fixtures (Spiele) section and will see under football all the weekends scores, tables and past and upcoming fixtures.

As you can see not all words in the headlines were only about sports so you can learn new general English vocab. too. How many did you learn today?


Have a great sporting start to the week!!!!

Ein Gedanke zu „Sports Small Talk.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Actually, the headlines and your PDF (BTW: great list, very useful, see these words all the time in the news(papers)) offered no new words – but your first sentence did: „to keep abreast of“ was new for me. Thank you!

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