Check out today’s Teatime Titbit:

is place where you can to find podcasts and the one I have on my android phone – also available for iPhones. The choice is mind-boggling but here are two to start with.

Ideal for the English issues and aimed primarily at native speakers, there’s Mignon Fogarty’s ‘Grammar Girl’. She provides short tips to improve your writing in a weekly dosage.

The Tim Ferris Show is hosted by guess who? Yes, Tim Ferris, the author of the famous 4-Hour books – Workweek, Body and Chef. In the podcast he interviews ‘world-class performers’ and gets titbits (there’s the word again) of tools, tactics and tricks (to achieve more) for his listeners out of his interviewee.

mind-boggling (verblüffend), primarily (hauptsächlich)

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