Sweet FA for Harry.

Fun on Friday. Sweet FA for Harry.

Unless you live under a rock (hinterm Mond leben), you will know that (Prince) Harry is getting married tomorrow. But did you know that it is also the FA Cup Final?

I’m sure Harry is secretly fuming (wütend) over the choice of wedding date, cos he would normally want to be there and maybe even the VIP, who the hands over the cup and medals – alas he’s getting his own trophy (pun intended!) (Wortwitz beabsichtigt)

Did you know FA stands for Football Association? Did you know this abbreviation also goes with the word ‘sweet’ to make “sweet FA” aka sweet Fanny Adams (rein gar nichts) or in slang English sweet fuck all (rein gar nichts) ?

Hence, “sweet FA for Harry” means he’s not getting to watch his beloved FA cup final. You on the other hand can have your cake and eat it (auf zwei Hochzeiten tanzen) by watching British TV (ITV 1 from 10.30 a.m. (CET =MEZ) for the build-up & wedding and BBC 1 for the Cup Final (Chelsea vs. Manchester Utd) at 6p.m. CET. so don’t miss’em!!!!

Not got British TV at home? Why not subscribe to www.filmon.com for UK live TV (not for free) and watch UK TV wherever you have WiFi?

We say in English “to be as happy as Larry” (überglücklich sein), let’s wish the Prince will be as happy as Harry with his Princess!

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