Teatime Tidbits TV- your business English YouTube channel.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start the Teatime Tidbits TV YouTube channel and to make a new video every week. This is the ONLY resolution I actually stuck with this year and I’m loving the journey.

If you’ve ever dabbled in making videos, you’ll appreciate that it can be a lot of work and a huge learning curve. I’m learning new titbits with each new video I make and, even though they may still seem very amateurish, I believe it is the CONTENT that really counts.

I certainly look at the more established YouTubers and wonder in awe how they do their magic. So when they say ”hit that ‘like’ button” I’m there, banging on the button.

The English language learning offering on YouTube is overwhelming but for the most part really focusing on grammar/vocabulary aspects. To set Teatime Tidbits TV apart from the rest, I look to provide different styles of content and, of course, I aim mainly at the German speaking market.

So far I’ve produced ‘Learning Hack videos’, ‘Speak like a native (mirroring the blog posts)’, ‘Understanding the news’, ‘Tuesday Teasers go online (quizzes)’and finally today ‘Vocab, Vocab & Vocab’ using vocabulary from recent client coaching sessions in Quizlet (with a link for you to grab this set).  https://youtu.be/8MTcrzuTwRg . Following the advice of Gary Vaynerchuk, I document rather than create. I also have many more ideas in the pipeline.

I would like to invite you to join me on the YouTube journey, learn with me, give me feedback (in the comments below – also in German) and advice to make Teatime Tidbits TV a channel, which provides you with exactly what you would like to watch to help you grow your English in the future.

So please follow the link above, watch it, tell me if you like it and let us make Teatime Tidbits TV a real community channel – you get what you ask for, not watch I think you want !!! Oh, please share the links & SUBSCRIBE, pretty please.

New Year’s resolution (Neues Jahr Vorsatz), to dabble in sth (sich in etw versuchen), to appreciate (hier: verstehen), in awe (bewundernd), offering (Angebot), overwhelming (überwältigend), to set sb/sth apart from sth (jdn/etw abheben von)

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    You know I love your effort and commitment you put into your blog and now also your YouTube channel. The topics you cover are great and I really profit from them. But I miss your QOTD (especially here) because they are the key to interaction. Actually, commenting every now and then just „Good point!“, „Thank you!“, „love it“ and so on feels more like a verbalisation of a thumbs up button. I can‘t promise to answer all QOTD but I‘ll do my utmost to give my two cents to most of them.

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Thank you Jenny for your kind words. It’s nice to hear when you put so much blood, sweat and tears (Herzblut) and that over years. Sorry I haven’t shared the QOTD very often recently. To be honest, I’m putting most of my energies now into video – The Channel. I am working towards a library of different kinds of videos to compete with my blog posts – now that is a challenge! Teatime Tidbits TV.

      QOTD If you read the Wonderful world of Pop, watch the video – here’s the QOTD – What kind of video content would you like to see?

      P.S. On the whole, I want to avoid too much grammar as there are already so many grammar video out there.

  2. Jenny Antworten

    It‘s kind of „form follows function“: Looking up grammar ain‘t a problem but the YouTube format makes it possible to hear your voice. That opens up a whole nother world of possibilities and calls for „Speak like a native“ videos – and that‘s what provides a huge benefit for your audience.

    But – there‘s always a but – grammar shouldn‘t be disregarded at all. The „grammar of the street“ is still interesting for us! Things like „ain‘t“ or „double negation“ (in the sense of „We don’t want no…“ as an emphasis of rejection) are coming to my mind…

    I do like your „pop“ video, stuff like that measures up to my expectations and I‘m looking forward to what‘s coming next. I‘ll damn sure pop in again. 🙂

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Hi Jenny, thanx a million 4 your ideas and suggestions. All of the above are in the pipeline – however the pipeline is very, very, long, and time to ‚make‘ the vids is limited to the current capacity of 1 a week.

      Especially when it comes to grammar – your idea is great BTW – I’m looking to introduce ‚NoNos‘ videos – typical German speakers mistakes, as well as ‚Q&A‘ by answering questions I get.

      Speak / write like a native – sure thing!!!!

      Again thanx 4 your input.

      TC. Dave

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