Teatime Tuesday Teaser (TTT). Launch day!

What’s one of the most fun ways to learn/teach yourself something? Just that, answers questions!!! I’m sure you’ll agree with me that quizzes, puzzles or teasers (the popular Tuesday posts) show you your knowledge gaps and provide you with the answers to fill those gaps. As they are fun to do, the ‘learning effect’ is in my experience very effective.

TTT is ideal for any level because there’s something for everyone – see yesterday’s post. I hope even very advanced speaker will be taxed & teased with some of the quizzes.

The teasers come in 3 forms:

1. Fill me in – you fill in gaps.

2. Match me up – you match up the English word/phrase with the correct definition.

3. Figure me out – you work out the answers e.g. crosswords (without the grid) etc.

Why not taste the “sample” TTT over at the free PDF section?: https://teatimetitbits.de/free-pdfs/

Or just challenge yourself, take the tests and become the best! (cheesy slogan, eh!)


Book launch (Buchpräsentation), to agree with sb (mit jdm übereinkommen), knowledge gap (Wissenslücke), as (weil), to tax sb (hier: jds Gehirn viel abverlangen), to tease sb (ärgern), to fill in a gap (die Lücke ausfüllen), match-up (exercise) (Zuordnungsaufgabe), crossword (Kreuzworträtzel), grid (Gitter), to taste sth (probieren), sample (Leserprobe), to challenge oneself (sich herausfordern), cheesy (hier: kitschig)

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