Telephoning Template 1. Connecting someone.

With my series of Telephone Templates, I would like to provide you with models of how you could deal with certain telephoning situations as well as giving some other options, vocabulary and tips. Let’s dive in with no. 1. Connecting someone.

-“Hi, Preston Coaching, Angela speaking.* How can I help you?“

-“Could I speak to** Mr. Preston?“

-“Who’s speaking***, please?“

-“It’s Mr Hawkins, Mr Preston is expecting my call but I don’t have his extension number“.

-“No problem, Mr Hawkins. I’ll connect you immediately/at once ****. Thank you for calling Mr Hawkins.“

-“Thank you, Angela.“ *

*Another option: “You are speaking to Angela, today. How may I help you?” (more formal)

** NB we use ‘to’ and not ‘with’, a common German mistake.

*** “Who should I say is calling?” (more formal)

****”I’ll put you through straight / right away“ (less formal option)

Dave’s tip. If you receive an incoming call in English, try to answer it with a smile on your face even if you are nervous – we hear the smile. Happy telephoning.

template (Vorlagen), to expect sb (jdn erwarten), extension number (Durchwahl), to connect sb (jdn verbinden), to put sb through (jdn durchstellen)

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