Thank you, Titbitonians

Thank you to all those Titbitonians, who took time out of their day to do battle with my website, buy my third book and trust in the fact it will bring them long term value. Thank you.

It fills me an enormous feeling of pride that my mission to help as many people as possible improve their English (on the move) is gaining traction, the word is spreading and people enjoy my form of ‘edutainment’. As I say “Stick & stay, it’ll surely pay”! Thank you.

Naturally, it gives me even more motivation to double, triple, quadruple my efforts to serve & build Teatime Titbits into a small (& growing) but beautiful community of like-minded Titbitonians. Thank you.

QOTD (Question of the day) Dear Titbitonians, please write in the comments, 1 type of blog post (Tuesday Teaser etc) you enjoy most and 1 type (of content) you would like to see more of?

Have a great weekend! AND sign up for the newsletter for your extra Monday morning Titbits NOW, please. Thank you!

to do battle with (sich mit etw herumschlagen), pride(Stolz), gain traction (Fuß fassen), to triple (verdreifachen), quadruple (vervierfachen), efforts (Bemühungen), to serve (dienen), like-minded (Gleichgesinnte)

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