Thanx German

Thanx German

What? Hey Dave, you’ve missed the ‘y’ off you, plonker (Dussel), or maybe an ‘s’ ! Of course, you think how can I thank a language when the country or the people would make more sense. But alas, it was no slip of the keyboard (Flüchtigkeitsfehler), I really meant ‘German’.

English is a hybrid language with its Germanic roots and French add-ons, with many words especially in the fields of medicine and technology derive from (aus etw entlehnen) Greek or Latin. English, then, has a natural tendency to take on (new) words from other languages.

German has indeed given English its fair share of words over the centuries? How many can you think of off the top of your head (ohne lange nachzudenken)? 20 you say, let’s double it? 40 you say? What the hell, what about a 100, you say?

If you take the time to peruse (etw durchgehen) the Wikipedia list, 100 would even be an understatement.

But in practical terms the website quotes 33, of which I would say only 10 are really well-used in everyday conversation. Guess what?! Most of them are connected with my favourite topic ……… food!!! Think, bratwurst, hamburger, sauerkraut and Schnitzel.

So once again, thanx German. Without your words I’d have nothing to eat all day. Enjoy (your meal)!

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