That blasted ‘by’

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: That blasted ‘by’ – back to basics.

The word ‘bei’ in German is well-used but often difficult to put into English because the English cousin ‘by’ is often a false friend.

Here are 5 common mistakes, could you correct them?

  1. He works by Mercedes.
  2. By our last meeting, we decided to …..
  3. A Friend stayed by us over the weekend.
  4. By me, it’s totally the opposite, I love winter.
  5. I bought it by Asda. (a British supermarket chain)

Got the answers yet? Not to worry, here goes

  1. He works for Mercedes.
  2. At / During our last meeting
  3. A friend stayed at our place / with us over the weekend
  4. As for me / with me, it’s totally the opposite ….
  5. I bought it at/from Asda.

Any questions, ask below in the comments section. Have a great start to the week.

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