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The all-rounder business English PDF book “The Workplace English Toolkit” (WET) is a reference book, a mini-email German/English dictionary, a business English phrasebook and vocabulary list book all rolled into one.

Read the ‘edutaining’ blog-style ‘How to speak/write/give presentation etc.’ with phrases, ‘the must-know grammar section’, ‘(Learning) Resource section’ with (on/offline learning/English language) tools) websites, tricks & tips and ‘vocabulary lists’. Not to mention, the ‘Mini-email-dictionary (German / English) with 70 essential terms and example phrases to copy & paste.

Have a look inside the WET :

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m throwing in the A3 PDF Desktop Dictionary (German/English), and the A3 PDF Easy Line to email success for free for just €9.99. Code: BFW

P.S. ALL WET updates are also for FREE.

Reference book (Nachschlagewerk), all rolled in one (alles in einem), not to mention (Ganz zu schweigen), term (Begriff)

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