The BRAIN at work.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Wednesday Wonderful Words. The BRAIN at work.

As we all know the BRAIN is a brilliant thing and to celebrate this, I’ve collected 5 phrases with the BRAIN at work.

Imagine, if you will, anycompany, in anyplace, which does anything. Mrs Anyboss calls together her anyheads (of departments) to BRAINSTORM an anyconcept/project.

“Welcome. First things first, let’s BRAINSTORM and BRAINDUMP them on the flipchart. Then we can get into the nitty gritty (ans Eingemachte gehen) afterwards. Anyone volunteer (Freiwilliger) to write anyideas up?” announced Mrs Anyboss.

“Thanks, Mr anymanager, o.k. then who’s gonna get the ball rolling?”

Mr anymanager: “Why don’t we …anyidea?”

Mrs Anyboss: “Nice one, write it up, please”.

Mrs anymanger: “We could always …. anyidea?”

Mrs Anyboss: “Yep pop that one up”.

Mr anymanger: “What about ….. anyidea?”

Mr anyothermanger: “Hmmm, isn’t that like … anyidea?”

Mrs Anyboss: “No, it doesn’t matter right now, we’re just in the BRAINDUMPING stage. So crack on (weitermachen), up it goes.”

Anyminutes later

Miss anymanager: “I’ve just had a BRAINWAVE (Geisteblitz), I reckon (glauben) we should … anyidea?

Mrs anyboss: “Well, I think that draws our BRAINDUMPING session to a close. Anymorethoughts?”

Anyhours later.

Anyboss: “Hey guys, we’ve got a hell of a lot done in this session. Anyassistant will send the minutes (Protokoll) with the ‘to do list’ around to you anytime soon.”

Anyboss: “Thanx a million for your help – hope you’re not too BRAINDEAD (hier: Erschöpft) and can get back to BRAINWASHING our employees and customers alike that we ARE experts in anything (at all).”

Anymanagers roar with laughter, clap, pat eachanyothermanagers on their backs, give eachanyothermanagers a high five (jdn abklatschen) and shout in unison (im Sprechchor rufen) “Yes, we can.”

The End.


2 Gedanken zu „The BRAIN at work.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Although my brain is not the best anymore due to a gatecrasher this great post keeps the remaining rest on the go. Except for „minutes“ that caused a slight allergic reaction (I’ve read and written too much of them so far) ;-), there were lots of new words in your text that gonna brain up my vocabulary. Thank you!

    • Jenny Antworten

      @TT IT-Team: If I had a free wish… an editing function would be great! Sometimes there are this howlers you make by typing and changing your text on your cellphone (auto correction!!!) and which you recognize just directly after clicking on the post comment button…. like „too MANY meeting minutes“ (right) instead of „too MUCH“ (wrong). Would be great to have the possibility to erase such embarrassing mistakes even after having published the text. Thank you in advance! 🙂

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