The language of leaving.

Posts Revisited: The language of leaving.

Brendan Rogers (former manager of Liverpool FC) must have seen the writing on the wall, his team wasn’t firing on all cylinders and the performances and results reflected that.

Similar to high profile CEOs, members of governments, football coaches live a precarious life, one minute riding the wave of good fortune the next a goner.

Why didn’t he, like the former VW CEO not do the right thing, bow out before being thrown out? Step down or resign before being fired or as it’s colloquially called ‘sacked’!

Then, there’s the question of compensation – otherwise known as ‘severance pay’ – for what, messing up in the first place. Thanx a million bucks (Dollar).

We lesser mortals face being made redundant or laid off, when our TOP managers mess up or we resign, quit and jump ship before she starts sinking and we would get the chop anyway. After a working life dodging the bullet, we finally have the right to go (more or less) on our terms with a ‘golden handshake’ into the land of permanent leave – retirement.

To see the writing on the wall (die Stunde hat geschlagen), to fire on all cylinders (hervorragend funktionieren), to reflect (etw wiederspiegeln), precarious (unsicher), good fortune (Glück), to be a goner (weg vom Fenster sein). to bow out (ausscheiden), to step down (zurücktreten), to resign (kündigen), compensation (Entschädigung), severance pay (Abfindung), to mess sth up (etw vermasslen), buck (Dollar), we lesser mortals (Normalsterbliche), to face sth (etw ins Auge sehen), to be made redundant/laid off (betriebsbedingt kündigen), to jump ship (das sinkende Schiff verlassen), to sink (untergehen), to get the chop (rausfliegen), to dodge the bullet (gerade nochmal so davonkommen), on our terms (zu unseren Bedingungen), ‘golden handshake’ (hohe Abfindung), leave (Urlaub), retirement (Pension)

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