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Vlog of the week: The Money GPS

If learning about economics, business, stocks & shares (Aktien) (in English) is what you want, why not follow the vlog The Money GPS (you came here for the truth*) on YouTube?

David Guintieri uploads more or less daily, which is an almighty feat (Kraftakt) – I guess I know as I only find the time to write once a day and take the weekends off.

After watching his vids, I’m sure your understanding of all things business (in English) will be top notch. (erstklassig)

In this recent vid, he goes into the issue (Thema) of the German population crisis. Give it a go (Versuch’s mal)

*whether he is telling the truth or not can be up to you (es bleibt dir überlassen) – as far as I’m concerned (was mich anbelangt), it’s all about the ENGLISH.

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