The more the merrier

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: The more the merrier – how to invite in English.

Generally speaking natives wouldn’t actually use the word “invite” in a conversational situation, instead we would use one of the following phrases:

• Would you like (to join me for) a drink?
• Do you want to / Wanna (join me for) a drink?
• I was wondering (Ich frage mich) if you would like (to join me for) a drink?
• What about (joining me for) a drink?
• (Do you) Fancy (Lust auf) (joining me for) a drink?
• Would you care (to join me) for a drink?

1 Formality – e.g. avoid “fancy a drink?” with a person you hardly (kaum) know
2. “invite” means more like “come with me”, so don’t expect them to necessarily pay unless you hear one of the following:

• “It’s on me.”
• “It’s my round/shout.”
• “I’ll get this round one/in.”
• “It’s my treat.”

Well, happy days!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!

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