The morning after the night before.

Looking too deep into your glass aka getting drunk has repercussions the next day. Here’s a wordlist, to put a name to your ailment and help you explain with pride /shame how you suffered like a martyr

First of all, too much of the good stuff, already plays with our mind and bodies on the night before.  From sober, each drink sends you further down the slippery road to drunkenness via tipsy, to trashed or a myriad of other terms.

This leads to our bodily functions taking over control (or not) starting with a constant need to pee, slurring of words, head spinning aka dizzy, wobbly walking to the toilet to vomit /throw up/ puke/chunder – in various measures of slang to falling head over tit (on your face/arse – depending on your direction of fall) and even passing out, if that last ONE was that ONE too many.

Wherever you may wake up, the chances are high, you’ll be surprised you got there (especially if it happens to be your OWN bed) and you’ll be looking the worse for wear  and feeling pretty grotty or even like death (warmed up).

Welcome, ladies & gents, to hangoverland – dry mouth, splitting headache, weak and sore body (especially at the part(s) of the body you fell on). Remember?! No, well, there’s a surprise, amazing how alcohol wipes your memory bank clean (and not to mention the bank account).

Becoming human again is priority, some swear by the hair of the dog others by tablets, sleep and a little prayer to god vowing that they’ll never touch a drop of the BAD stuff ever again!  Until the next time.

Happy Recovery.

to have repercussions (Auswirkungen), ailment (Leiden), pride (Stolz) shame (Scham), sober (nüchtern), tipsy (angeschwipst), to trashed (betrunken sein), myriad (Vielzahl), to slur (one‘s words) (undeutlich aussprechen), dizzy (schwindelig), wobbly (wackelig), to vomit /throw up/ puke/chunder (sich übergeben), to pass out (bewusstlos werden), to look the worse for wear (mitgenommen aussehen), grotty (mies),  to feel like death (warmed up) (sterberig zumute sein), splitting headache (rasender Kopfschmerz), to swear by sth (auf etw schwören), hair of the dog (Katerbier), to vow (schwören), to recovery (Besserung).

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Sounds like a trip to the mulled-wine stall at the Christmas market. In this sense: cheers! 😉

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