The versatility of (a) hump

As we all know, a hump sticks out above the surface of something. Think, speed humps, camels, and weeks!

In Britain, speed humps, are those nifty inventions to slow cars down by killing the car’s suspension and rocking the driver and passengers to death in the process. They certainly give those drivers the hump, who didn’t bust their hump to slam on their brakes early enough!

Then there is the poor camel, which has the hump because it’s sole raison d’etre is to hump the goods of their owner through the desert.

Halleluya, today it is hump day in the week cos we are over the hump and starting the downhill to the weekend. Giving you plenty more (free)time to ‘hump’ the one you love, which makes HUMP the Wonderful Wednesday Word for this week.

How many of the ‚hump‘ phrases are new for you?

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Versatility (Vielseitigkeit), hump (Buckel), speed hump (Geschwindigkeitsbuckel), nifty (raffiniert), invention (Erfindung), suspension (Federung), to give sb the hump (jdn ärgerlich machen), to bust one’s hump (sich den Buckel kaputtmachen), to slam on your brakes (um auf die Bremse zu treten), to have the hump (British) (schlechte Laune haben), to hump sth (schleppen), hump day (Mittwoch), to be over the hump (über den Buckel sein), to hump sb (bumsen)

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