They’re coming home

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Can you imagine what my headline was going to be next Monday morning? IT’S COMING HOME !!!! Well, that’s not gonna happen now and instead the lads (Jungs) are coming home after being beaten by a more mature (reif), seasoned (erfahren) and clinical Croatia.

That’s what made the difference on the night, the Croatian team on average (durchschnittlich) older than the English newcomers, consequently have more high pressure/top match experience and made the most of their chances.

All in all, the English adventure went further than anyone even dreamt it would. Nonetheless one could argue they had the easy route with the biggest opponent (Gegner) so far being Croatia (as Belgium fielded (auflaufen lassen) its second team). So the first BIGGEST challenge is when the young, inexperienced and sloppy (schlampig) in front of the goal team’s adventure came undone (sich auflösen).

The Croatian so-called Golden Generation came out on top and I suppose given the fact they actually made it to (geschafft haben) the semi that they can come home with their heads held high, safe in the knowledge that they could be the 350 th English ‘Golden Generation’ and maybe even manage to bring a major title home.

The Three Young Lions will come roaring (brüllen) home maybe with even a 3rd place win from the Lion’s Den (Hexenkessel) of St. Petersburg.

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Whatever may happen, the team will be celebrated and warmly welcomed as heroes. They brought the nation together, let the fans dream and achieved way more than at the tournaments before. No bad words in the press, that is impressive but also deserved. They played passionate with a good team spirit, had the right tactical technique and plenty of individual quality among the players. Well done, England, well done… Nevertheless: Germany has a few stars more on the jersey (sorry, couldn’t resist ;-)).

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