Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Vid of the Week. Thoughty2.

Thoughty 2 is for me one of the best vloggers on YouTube. With his mixture of engaging (fesselnd) topics, intriguing (faszinierend) facts and figures (Zahlen), well-scripted (gut geschrieben) and executed (etw. ausführen) commentary and witty (witzig) comments to boot (obendrein) – he’s definitely worth a watch.

Here’s a link to his most recent vlog “How one fire set humanity back 1000 years” for you to come back when are at a loose end (beschäftigungslos sein) but don’t be surprised if you get lost in his vlogs and come back out a few days later.

Enjoy Thoughty2 and your well-deserved (wohlverdient) weekend.

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