Three in the bed

A lot, much or many (depending on context) are pretty simple English words. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few other words to spice up your formal mails, reports, presentations or even discussions/conversations in your toolkit?

Below are 3, which I often hear/read in books. As usual, thanx to for help with definitions/examples.

  1. Myriad (adj) – extremely large in number – “the myriad problems of modern life“
  2. Plethora (noun) – an amount that is greater than is needed or can be used – “the report contained a plethora of detail“
  3. Slew (of sth) (noun) a large number or amount of something – “This year has seen a whole slew of novels set in Hong Kong.“

Standout from the crowd – sprinkle your English (etw einstreuen) with one of the above & watch your colleagues faces.

QOTD “In your experience, do they show confusion, admiration (Bewunderung) or scorn (Verachtung)?“

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