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Finally, the colossus of a book ‘Tools Of Titans’ by Tim Ferris has been released on Audible. I can now make up for lost time and read it as an 18 hour audio book instead of trying to battle through the physical book.

Yes, I actually bought a physical copy when it first came out, started to read, surrendered soon after and retired it to my bookshelf to gather dust. So why did I give up on the book? It’s NOT that the book is in any way boring, on the contrary!!  My line of reasoning was that I would never get around to reading it (as usual – I was full of good intentions when I bought it), let alone, finishing it. I’ll wait till the audio book comes out, listen and go to the corresponding sections in the book to take notes of all the tactics, tricks, tips and titbits I like.

There was one huge snag with this thought, how on earth was I supposed to know it would take over two years for the damn thing to come out as an audio book? Yes, it’s been a hell of a long time in coming and definitely worth the wait.

The back story, Tim Ferris is the guy who wrote the award-winning  book “The 4 Hour Work Week”. He went on to write two more, the “4 Hour Body” on fitness and healthy eating hacks as well as “The 4 Hour Chef”, you guessed it,  about cooking but a whole lot whole host of other life skills too.

In the meantime, Tim has become a prolific podcaster and interviews high-performance people from all spheres from art to athletics and entrepreneur to entertainers. As a self-development junkie in his own right, Tim naturally looks to get all the useful performance hacks out of his guests for himself and his listeners.

But don’t worry you don’t have to listen to all of his 440 previous podcasts at https://tim.blog/podcast/, just invest some money in the book for a well-crafted summary of amazing tactics, tricks, tips, for you to think about, try out, and transfer into your life. What’s more, I don’t need to say this that you will be also training your English at the same time.

Food for thought, forget all your expensive mentors and self-development coaches, get, study this book, and marvel at all the creative, wide-ranging, and inspirational insights you can find in ONE book. A life-hackers dream on steroids!!!

If you want to buy the physical book, you could always follow this affiliate link* to Amazon https://amzn.to/2Yafbfx and buy it there.

*As an affiliate link I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanx 4 supporting my work.

colossus (Riese), to  be released (hier: veröffentlicht werden), to make up for lost time (verlorene Zeit wieder einholen), to surrender (aufgeben), to retire sth (hier: etw außer Dienst stellen),  to gather dust (Staub ansetzen), on the contrary (ganz im Gegenteil), line of reasoning (Gedankengang), to get around to doing sth (zu etw kommen), (to be) full of good intentions (guten Willens sein), let alone (ganz zu schweigen), corresponding (entsprechend), to take notes (Notizen machen), snag (Haken), how on earth (wie zum teufel), to be supposed to do sth (hier: sollen) “it’s been a long time in coming” (Es war schon lange zu erwarten), “worth the wait” (das Warten hat sich gelohnt), a whole host of (eine ganze Reihe von), in the meantime (mittlereweile), prolific (erfolgreich), in one’s own right (aus eigenem Recht), to get sth out of sb (etw aus jdm herausholen), well-crafted (gelungen),  to try sth out (ausprobieren), to transfer (übertragen), what’s more (darüber hinaus),  to marvel at sth (etw bestaunen), wide-ranging (breit-gefächert), insights (Einsicht),.

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