‘In the first time‘ ‘in the last time‘ and ‘in the next time‘ are typical wobbles (hier: Fehler. Literally: Wackeln) for German speakers but easily fixed.

‘In the first time‘ could be replaced with ‘at the beginning‘. Use ‘recently‘, ‘lately‘ or ‚‘ in the last few days, weeks, etc with, of course, the PAST PRESENT as I call it or the PRESENT PERFECT as what the grammar books call it instead of ‘In the last time‘ e.g. “I haven’t seen Dave recently.“ NOT “I didn’t see Dave in the last time“.

Finally, ‚‘in the (near) future‘ is a good replacement for ‘in the next time‘. Speaking of which, “See you tomorrow“ and not “We see us tomorrow“. Hope it helps.

Have a wobble free Wednesday. Take care. Dave

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