Tuesday Teaser. What are they really saying?

Check out today’s teatime titbit: Tuesday Teaser. What are they really saying?

Match up the phrases with their meaning

  1. “I get the picture.”                                       A. congratulate oneself
  2. “Let’s meet at 8 p.m.” “fair enough”     B. understand a situation
  3. “I wouldn’t like to brag.”                         C. not work hard (enough)
  4. “It occurred to me yesterday.”              D. have a friendly relationship with sb
  5. “He doesn’t really pull his weight.”       E. not like sb & be unpleasant to them
  6. “Give yourself a big pat on the back.”   F. boast about sth
  7. “She has it in for you.”                             G. the most important details
  8. “She took a shine to you.”                       H. an idea/thought came into mind
  9. “I get along with my boss:”                     I. like sb
  10. “Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.”       J. an idea/suggestion is reasonable



1) b. 2) j. 3) f. 4) h. 5) c. 6) a. 7) e. 8) i. 9) d. 10) g.

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