Tuesday Teasers go digital

Quizzes tease, tax and train you, whatever the topic. Whether it’s a crossword, Sudoku or even the good old pub quiz, it shows you what you know and don’t know – which is frustrating. Having said that, it gives you the answer to take with you (to learn) in the future. Do enough of these quizzes, and your knowledge grows and grows. You see progress and the addiction process kicks in!

Sounds far-fetched? Learning German, back in the day, I used to love quizzes to test my grammar, grow my vocabulary or simply for fun. For me, it is the key to learning anything – having fun, so it doesn’t feel like you are learning. Hence the boom in ‘gamification’.

As you know, Tuesday Teasers have always been a staple fare at www.teatimetitbits.de but often challenging to execute with a simple word processing tool – or maybe I didn’t know any better. Fast forward a few years, a Covid 19 pandemic, online coaching, and now I know a better way. With Quizziz you can bring the whole quiz experience live and with other people, like the good old pub quiz.

If a PUB quiz isn’t your cup of tea, what about meeting in a virtual ‘tea room’, sharing a cup of the good stuff (tea that is) and doing a quiz with other people to add to the fun?

Check out last week’s ‘Body Parts Quiz’ https://youtu.be/w14Q4FLJUUU And if you want to come along to the next quiz in the virtual tea room, then grab the link in at Anstehende Veranstaltungenteatime titbits . The next Tuesday Teaser Goes Digital session is on Tuesday 23. March at 7 p.m.

C u there.


To tease sb (hier: jdn ärgern), to tax sb (jdn belasten), progress (Fortschritte), addiction process (Suchtprozess), to kick in (anfangen zu wirken), far-fetched (weithergeholt), hence (daher), staple (hier: Hauptware), to execute (ausführen), fast forward (vorspülen)

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