Tuesday Teasers go digital

As you all know I’m a firm believer in quizzes as a way to test your knowledge and find out where you are. Anything you don’t know or get wrong are candidates to add to the learn list. ‘Gamification‘ like using the ‘Astroids game’ on the Quizlet app (see video “How to learn with Quizlet https://youtu.be/V8dKj96otPA) helps learning become more fun.

Tuesday Teasers (quizzes) have always been a staple part of my blog. Check them out by popping along to my website www.teatimetitbit.de, navigate to “What topics are you interested in” on the right, find the category “Tuesday Teaser”, and off you go!

Last year I discovered the online quiz tool www.quizziz.com and have used quizzes with my students as quick warm-up exercises at the beginning or chill-out exercises at the end of sessions ever since. Tuesday Teasers and gamification via Quizziz is a marriage made in heaven.

Check out the first offering, “Know your prepositions 1” https://youtu.be/Tjk4UUjuKo4 watch, test yourself, and have fun. You can also collect the accompanying PDF questions and answers at the websiteFree PDFs | teatime titbits.

I’m a firm believer (fest von etw überzeugt sein), staple (Haupt), to pop along (hier: vorbeischauen), to navigate to (steuern), off you go (Los geht’s), to discover (entdecken), a marriage made in heaven (Hochzeit im Himmel), first offering (Darbietung), accompanying PDF (BegleitsPDF)

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