Up your English 2.

Do you want to raise your register when speaking English? If so, this is just for you. Below there are 5 formal words with a less formal synonym, an example phrase and the translation.

1. to address (a problem/issue) = to tackle sth = “The Government is finally starting to address the problem of obesity (Fettleibigkeit) in the UK” = etw angehen

2. to emerge (of facts, ideas, etc.) to become known = to transpire = “It emerged that the company was going to be sold.” = sich herausstellen

3. to perceive has two main definitions: a) to notice = “I perceived a change in the way she looked a me.” = bemerken b) to see = “The discovery was perceived as a breakthrough.” = wahrnehmen

4. to replicate = to copy/ duplicate = “Subsequent experiments failed to replicate these findings.” = nachmachen/wiederholen

5. to resume = to begin (again) / continue = an activity begins again or continues after an interruption. “The talks to end the strike will resume later this morning.“ = fortsetzen/fortfahren

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