Up your game 1.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: WWW. Up your game 1.

Do you want to raise your register when speaking English? If so, this is just for you. Below there are 5 formal words with a less formal synonym, an example phrase and the translation.

  1. to breach = to break = to not keep to an agreement or not keep a promise. „The government is accused of breaching the terms of the treaty“. = brechen
  2. concern = worry = a feeling of worry, especially one that is shared by many People. „There is growing concern about violence on Television“. = Sorge / Besorgnis
  3. to deem = to consider = to have a particular opinion about something. „The evening was deemed a great success.“ = etw. für halten
  4. to reiterate = to repeat something = to repeat something that you have already said, especially to emphasize it. „The government has reiterated its commitment to economic reform“. = wiederholen
  5. stringent = (of a law, rule, regulation, etc.) = very strict = must be obeyed. „Licences are only granted under the most stringent conditions“. = streng

Now go out and use them to your heart’s content (nach Herzenslust)!!!!!!!


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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Thank you. I always like your overview over how to address different hierarchy levels and audiences. Sometimes it’s quite tricky for non-native speakers to distinguish between different registers. This may lead to awkward situations, for instance if you talk slang to your clients or boss or use extremely formal expressions in conversation with friends.

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