US vs. BR episode 3.

Fun on Friday. US vs. BR episode 3.

If you’ve read 1&2 you know the spiel, if not, it’s all about comparing US English and British English in a more fun way.

Let’s dive into the letter ‘D’. My first word is the US word ‘douchebag’ (Mistkerl), which I fell in love with the moment I heard it, a British English equivalent could be ‘scumbag’, ‘bastard’ or ‘git’ US 1 vs. BR 0.

So back to business with telephoning vocab. You pick up the receiver and hear the dialling tone (BR) or dial tone (US) (draw), you dial your number and it’s ….. engaged (BR) /busy (US). Engaged sounds like a toilet/bathroom, which is in use and unfortunately, reminds me (erinnern an etw) of the slippery road to marriage US 2 vs. BR 0.

If you get an ex-directory (Br)/unlisted (US) incoming call, don’t answer it, it’s probably some cold calling (Telefonakquise) sales douchebags. US 2 vs. BR 1 ex-directory sounds much more sophisticated than simply unlisted.

In your freetime, do you play draughts (BR) or checkers (US) with a little tipple (alkoholisches Getränk) – you bought from the local ‘offy‘ aka off- licence(BR) / liquor store (US) from your drinks cupboard (BR)/ liquor cabinet (US) before heading off (sich aufmachen) to a mate’s (BR)/buddy’s (US) drinks party (BR)/ cocktail party (US).

As a rule, I like to keep my ALCOHOL drinking habits a secret, so I prefer the British words as LIQUOR shouts out the fact that I drink booze, leaving a final score of US 2 vs. BR 2.

So “down the hatch“ (Hoch dir Tassen) as we say and have a great time. Take care.

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