Vid of the week. Halloween

Are you clued up on the origins of Halloween? Why not watch this short vid for the ‘historical’ lowdown? Bet you didn’t know: Halloween.

In the video it also talks about how much money Halloween generates in the US. Unbelievable!

QOTD Do you celebrate Halloween?

To be clued up (informiert), lowdown (Infos)

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Good video. It’s a shame if people celebrate an event without knowing why they do so. It’s up to them what they make of their knowledge about the origin and how they celebrate but at least they should know the story behind. It’s the same with St. Martin, Nikolaus, Christmas and all the other holidays. I don‘t expect people to run to church at Christian holidays (wouldn‘t do so either) but one should know why the day is off or why we hand out presents etc.

    I like Halloween, yes. But I prefer the original, traditional, and creepy custom to the tawdry glittering US version that‘s bent on buying and consuming as well as keeping up with the Joneses.

    Places like Burg Frankenstein near Darmstadt are a great location to celebrate Halloween. And thanks to the US Army that had been stationed here for a long time even Heidelberg can look back at a tradition of Halloween parties and kids on their „Trick or treats!“ tours.

    Someone who really loves Halloween is a friend of my brother. See for yourself:,-das-grusel-haus-von-leimen-andre-graedler-lockt-an-halloween-vor-sein-zuhause-videofotogalerie-_arid,476360.html

    Happy Halloween!

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