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Yesterday I sent out my fortnightly Teatime Titbits Newsletter, which reviews the last 2 weeks including recommendations to posts, interesting titbits, aspects of grammar, Dinglisch as well as lots of additional vocab, idioms and slang. The subscribers are always the first to know and can be the first to benefit from new products, freebies and special discounts.

Naturally, I ask Titbitonians (as sounding boards) about future Titbit projects by asking for feedback, ideas and suggestion so that I can plan going forward and hopefully give you Titbitonians what you want. That’s why I am always looking to grow the numbers of people I can talk with.

As a drum roller for the newsletter I thought I would tease you with 10 items of vocab, I used and translated in yesterday’s mail. How many would you have known? Which phrases do you find useful? Which would you like to learn?

The translations on the right have been mixed up, can you match the translations with the correct vocab?

1) respite                                              A) Es muss sich etwas bewegen

2) furlong                                              B) sich verbessern

3) to encourage                                    C) selbstauferlegt

4) to confess                                         D) Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn

5) to bite off more than one can chew  E) Achtelmeile

6) Something has (got) to give             F) sich für etw entscheiden

7) self-imposed (targets/goals)            G) jdn ermuntern

8) to hone one’s skills                          H) beichten

9) to cut a long story short                    I) Atem/(Ruhe)pause

10) to plump for sth                               J) sich zu viel zumuten

Answer template.

  1. ………., 2) ………., 3) ………., 4) ………., 5) ………., 6) ………., 7) ……….., 8) ………., 9) ………. 10) ……….


  1. I, 2) E, 3) G, 4) H, 5) J, 6) A, 7) C, 8) B, 9) D, 10) F

Hope this teaser has whetted your appetite for the Teatime Titbits Newsletter? Do you want to subscribe*, please follow the link https://teatimetitbits.de/newsletter/

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