Wednesday’s Wonderful Website: BBC

Check out today’s teatime titbit: Wednesday’s Wonderful Website: BBC

I’m sure many of you know the BBC as a British TV company, some of you may know and use the BBC website/app to catch up with international and British news. A few of you may even have followed my advice back in Week 37 of 2016 and subscribed to the BBC newsletter ( – see bottom of article)

But I bet you didn’t know that the BBC has an English language learning platform and a damn good one at that. Learning English with the BBC is an experience in itself with so much to offer learners. I thought I would focus on the “Six Minute English” section, which you find under “features”.

The beauty of this is you can listen to and read and do the interactive exercises online, and/or download the podcast and print out the script. The listening material is usually around intermediate level and there is a wonderful wide choice of topics.

Here is a sample of 5 from just recently:

1.Built to fail? – why do we throw away so much technology?

2.Is happiness genetic?

3.Could you go vegan?

4.How much food do you waste?

Lastly, there is this intriguing (faszinierend)title:

5.Goldfish, brains and phones but I’m not gonna divulge (preisgeben) the subhead(Zwischentitel) – I know I’m a meany! (Fiesling)

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