“What did you do ……..?” vs “What have you done at the weekend?”

Forgive me for blogging grammar on Monday morning but it wouldn’t work on Thursday because Monday morning is all about discussing the weekend. So which do you use – the left or the right?

The ….. left one, of course. The weekend is over (in the past), signalled by the ‘at the weekend’. The “have … done” form (Present Perfect) or as I call it the ‘Past Present’, as my name says, has something to do with the past and the present.

e.g. 1 – something started in the past and continues to today “I’ve been married for 7 years”. (I got married 7 years ago + and still married today)

e.g. 2 – something happened in the past (time not given/known) with an important RESULT now. (Often used in the News – giving new information) “Two men have been arrested ……” (they were arrested sometime in the past (not important). What’s important? They are off the streets.

Hope that helped to clear things up a bit.

to arrest (jdn festnehmen)

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