What no pomp !? Dave’s rant!

Check out today’s teatime titbits: What no pomp!? Dave’s rant!

Everything seems to be running a tad (ein bißchen) chaotically at the mo in Britain. Mrs May missed a sitter (as we say in football terminology – todsicherer Ball) in the snap general election and we now have a hung parliament (Parlament ohne klare Mehrheitsverhältnisse). In theory, we do NOT even have a government as the negotiations (Verhandlungen) with the Kingmakers (the Northern Irish DUP party) have been put on hold due to the opening of parliament. The latter was itself also delayed by the negotiations with the DUP (which by all accounts (allem Anschein nach) are driving a hard bargain (hard verhandeln)).

And now THIS. The Queen’s Speech without the pomp! What is the world coming to I ask myself? For the first time in 40 years there is state opening of parliament without all the usual pageantry (Gepränge) that goes with it because there was apparently not enough time to “organise“ it as in the usual fashion.

For me, this throws up many questions as a taxpayer (albeit in Germany)? If it can be done like this without the usual trimmings, why on earth can it not be done like that in the future? I mean, save a few bob (Schilling), and invest it in something useful, like …….. (fill in the gaps). Austerity Britain at it’s best!

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