What’s gonna happen next?

On the British BBC TV sports quiz ‘A Question of Sport’, one quiz was called ‘What happened next’. The contestants are shown sporting footage, which is paused and they are asked to guess what happened next.

Did you know that the ‘be going to’ form in English can also be used to ‘predict a future event based on what you know, feel or can see? For instance, you see black clouds above you can say “I guess, it’s going to (gonna) rain soon”.

As a bit of fun on Friday, I found two old adverts on Youtube. Watch them and guess what’s gonna happen next.

Vid one: https://youtu.be/5WSq0szWigI pause at 12 sec.

Vid two: https://youtu.be/hZ17hTauYmI pause at 15 sec.

Watch the clips again for yourself to see if you were right – great exercise to expand your (Friday) vocabulary too.

contestants (Kandidaten), footage (Filmmaterial), to guess (raten), to predict (vorhersagen)

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