Are you a book worm (Leserratte)? Constantly on the lookout for (sich nach etw umtun) new inspiration for the next book, your Amazon account doesn’t hack it (es packen) anymore, your normal go-to resouces (Quellen) just doesn’t do it for you anymore and recommendations from your circle of friends, family and acquaintances ( Bekanntenkreis) have dried up, well look no further.

The website is easy-peasy (Kinderleicht), but who knows maybe it’ll throw up the odd Titbit (there’s that word again) for you.

My favourite author is Bill Bryson. Know him? If not type in his name and you’ll see which books he has written – if you can’t find one from the list that tickles your fancy (jdn reizen) , then I’ll eat my hat (Ich fresse einen Besen).

From the list, I really can recommend ‚‘Mother Tongue‘, if you are interested in the story of the English language. The others are more about his travels, visits, experiences in different countries, both informative and hilarious (lustig). Writing style wise (mäßig), he’s my idoI and I try to copy his style in my posts, cos (because) I know what I would enjoy reading – ‘edutainment‘.

Don’t worry, if you don’t yet feel ready for an English book, most of his books have been translated into German too.

QOTD. What book(s) are you reading at the moment? Feel free to include German (language) books too.

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