WIFM (what’s in it for me?)

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: WIFM (what’s in it for me?)

Since my book “The Workplace Toolkit” aka W.E.T. has been on sale, I’ve had mails asking me what is in the book and each time I put a mail together to explain ‘what is in it for them’. As so many people have asked me, I have obviously (offensichtlich) not made the value of the WET clear – so forgive me if you have bought it (congrats / thanx) or were looking forward to a Fun on Friday post, but I’d like to take the time to walk you through the WET, so get your willies (Gummistiefel) on and let’s go.

Right off the bat (Prompt), it’s a PDF (not a physical book) for two reasons 1. It is a living and growing book with updates (like any software) so you receive the updates as long as I have an email address to send it to. 2. It is designed to be passed on/around so as many people can benefit from it (sich etw zunutze machen) as possible.

The aim of the book it to tool you up (die Werkzeuge geben) for your work in English hence Workplace Toolkit and does exactly what it says on the tin (Es halt, was es verspricht). Here’s the link to an excerpt (Auszug) (Workplace English Toolkit Sample) https://teatimetitbits.de/free-pdfs/

It is divided into 5 sections. 1. How to Titbits, 2.The Grammar Titbits, 3. Improve Titbits, 4. Vocabulary Titbits, 5 Cheat Sheet Titbits.

Section 1, the ‘How to’ is split into 5 parts including: 1. Speak like a native (SLAN), 2.SLAN on the phone, 3.SLAN in meetings, 4.SLAN in presentations and finally 5. Write mails like a native. Each section is made up of previously published and (as yet) unpublished Teatime Titbit blog posts – 49 posts covering 52 pages. As I’m sure you know if you are reading this, that they all have the Teatime Titbit hallmark (Kennzeichen) – ‘Edutainment’.

Section 2 is a compilation of Teatime Titbits posts dealing with various aspects of grammar. As for section 3, Improve Titbits, it is made up of (mini) blog posts on websites that can help you at work or be a source for improving your English on the move. Section 4 is simply a list of all the vocabulary, which you find in the book with a German translation.

If that wasn’t value enough?!?!, here’s the icing on the cake (Sahnehäubchen)– Section 5 the Cheat Sheet Titbits. All the phrases from the “How to Titbits” section have been copied and pasted on to 30 pages so you can quickly find what you are looking for and copy & paste your way to success in English – the title of the book.

That’s not it – oh no – finally there is the copy & paste mini mail dictionary, with usual phrases for your mails based on GERMAN words that will come into your mind when you write e.g. ‘bitten um etw.’ – not as easy as it may seem and hides a number of potential language traps. I try to give you formal, neutral and informal options for translations and phrases so you are fully equipped for any situation. BTW the A3 Mini-Mail Dictionary is the desktop quick guide/translator, designed as a convenient overview for your workplace.

All this knowledge has been compiled and written by me, who has been in the English language business (in Germany) for over 20 years and who has plenty more in my head, just itching to come out in a blog sometime. The WET will grow, and grow and grow and always stay the price, which YOU paid for it NOW, but you’ll get all future the updates for free.

If that hasn’t persuaded (überzeugen) you invest in YOUR (teams) future, then maybe this will! As you read in yesterday’s SALE post – this is an exclusive offer to all my loyal Teatime Titbiters in Xing community ‘Englisch am Arbeitsplatz’, FB and my blog on website.

There’s the 50% Hot Summer Sale on till Sunday – type in the discount coupon ‘50PERCENT’, then it goes back to 9.99€ until September 1 when it will go up to 29.99€ (the true value of the content & updates included) as I go GERMANY wide.

So here’s the link again, grab it while it’s still hot: https://teatimetitbits.de/downloads/your-busines-english-workplace-toolkit/

Have a nice hot weekend. Take care. Dave

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