Write like a native 1

The following mail is an example for a KISS mail – Keep It Short & Simple. Natives often write in a more formal way. Transform the KISS mail into a more formal style mail by replacing words (in bold type) in the mail with the words below:

remaining bear        willing      regarding understand Yours sincerely act accordingly advise should delighted

Dear Mr Preston I’m* writing to you 1) concerning your order no.123 of 50 systems. We 2) gather from your mail that your order is urgent. I’m 3) pleased to 4) inform you that we can deliver 30 systems to you ahead of schedule. As standard delivery, our parcel service will deliver them by Friday 7 April. However, 5) if you 6) are prepared to 7) take over the cost of express delivery (see attachment); our parcel service can guarantee delivery by Monday 3 April. As agreed, we will deliver the 8) other 20 systems by April 30. Could you please inform me a.s.a.p. so that I can 9) arrange everything. Thank you in advance.

10) Best Wishes

*please note that in a formal mail you can also start with ‘We’ instead of ‘I’

1) ….. 2) …. . 3)…. . 4) ….. 5) …… 6) …… 7) …… 8) …. 9) ….. 10) ……

1) regarding 2) understand 3) delighted 4) advise 5) should 6) are willing to 7) bear 8) remaining 9) act accordingly 10) Yours sincerely

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