Write like a native: case study 1.

You work as a sales rep for an international company and the lingua franca is English. Here’s a brief mail to your manager, who you have a very good relationship with. As such it is written in a more colloquial fashion.

Read on!!!!

Dear Dave

Hope you are fine? Just a few lines to keep you in the loop with project XYZ and how I got on with the pitch today.

The project is coming on well but is taking up a lot more of my time than we anticipated beforehand.

As for the pitch in Frankfurt, it went down very well and the CEO seemed pretty turned on by our approach. He said he wanted to look into the fine print and get back to me within the week.

I’ll fill you in on the rest of the odds & sods when I’m back in the office.

C u on Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend.

Take care


sales rep (Handelsvertreter), colloquial fashion (umgangsprachlich), to keep you in the loop (Jdn. auf dem Laufenden halten), how I got on with the pitch (wie die Verkaufspräsentation gelaufen ist), to come on well (Fortschritte machen), to take up a lot (more) of my time (viel mehr Zeit in Anspruch nehmen), to anticipate (hier: vorausberechnen), to go down (very) well (gut eingeschlagen), to be turned on (von etw angetan sein), approach (Herangehensweise), to look into sth (prüfen), the fine print (das Kleingedruckte), to get back to sb (auf jdn zurückkommen), within (innerhalb), “I’ll fill you in on …”  (hier: “Ich erzähle dir …”), the odds & sods (Kleinkram)

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