Write like a native. Your Mini -Mail Dictionary German-English

Snapshot from the WET

In my Mini Mail dictionary German-English (at the end of the Workplace English Toolkit) – you will find the term “jdn auf dem laufenden halten”.

As usual you can divide the possible translations into 1) Formal, 2) Standard English, & 3) Informal.

In this case: ‘to keep somebody informed’ can be 1 & 2, ‘to keep somebody up-to-date’ 2 and ‘to keep sb posted/in the loop’ more on the informal side 3.

Here are a few examples of the phrases in use:

1) “Would you mind keeping me informed on any further developments?”

2) “Please (do) keep me informed / up-to-date on this issue.”

3) “Do me a favour and keep me posted on that.”

Snapshot of part of the contents of the mini-mail dictionary in the WET

Happy Mailing, Titbitonians.



further developments (weitere Entwicklungen), to do sb a favour (jdm einen Gefallen tun)

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