Reading CNN, BBC, Sky News or any newspaper for that matter is a fantastic way to improve your English but can be very off-putting. They often have long articles, use (very) formal as well as journalistic vocabulary, especially in the headlines.

Help is at hand.This webpage – newsinlevels.com – produces short news articles at 3 levels. Level 1 (easy news in max. 1000 words) to level 3 (advanced news in 3000 words). Difficult words are also in bold and explained (in English) below the article.

Furthermore, they produce short videos with the news item read out at the 3 levels. Check out this link below and give it a go: https://www.newsinlevels.com/products/anti-semitic-incident-level-3/

off-putting (entmutigend), headlines (Schlagzeile), in bold (fettgedruckt), furthermore (überdies), to read sth out (vorlesen), to give sth a go (etw versuchen)

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