WWW: Walking English Dictionary.

Viagra for your vocab (and guaranteed staying power!!!!! – the vocab that is) with the “Walking English Dictionary 1”. You’ve got a book full of vocabulary packaged in the usual Titbits manner.

Relive some of the past “Wonderful Wednesday Words” and “Language of thingybobs” blog posts all in one spot. 10 chapters containing 5 blog posts and at least 10-20 items of vocab. translated below each one.

Show me, you say, here goes I say:

Chapter 1. Wonderful Wednesday Words (WWW) 1 – is all about ‘Learning’ with posts like “Immersion”, “Lurking” and “Redundant”.

Chapter 2. The language of ‘thingybobs’1 – People. Check out “The language of family, friends and others”, “parenting” & even “love, couples & marriage”.

Chapter 3. WWW 2 – Work. Check out: “Interview”, “Pay slip”, “Leave”.

Chapter 4. Language of thingybobs 2 – In the news: what about “Headline English”, “Negotiation”, “German politics”.

And what about just the chapters? 5. WWW 3. Words, 6. The language of ‘thingybobs’ 3 – mixed bag. 7. WWW 4 – business. 8. Language of ‘thingybobs’ 4 – rants. 9. WWW 5 – mixed bag. 10. WWW 6 – weird (sounding) words.

Not the normal English vocabulary book, eh?!!! And definitely don’t expect a sophisticated layout, pretty pictures, fillers and fluff, you’ll get a PDF, cover to cover content which cuts to the chase and brings you more value than you can shake a stick at!!!

So follow the link below, invest €4.99 in yourself and buy “The Walking English Dictionary 1” and let the Viagra work its magic. Enjoy!


A walking dictionary (ein wandelndes Lexikon), to relive (etw wieder erleben), thingybobs (Dingsbums), spot (Stelle), immersion (Eintauchen), to lurk (hier: read without commenting or contributing), pay slip (Gehaltsabrechnung), negotiation (Verhandlung), a mixed bag (eine bunte Mischung), rant (Tirade), fluff (hier: entertainment that is not serious and is not considered to have great value), to cut to the chase (zum Kern der Sache kommen), “to bring sb more value (Wert) than you can shake a stick at” (eine ganze Menge)

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