Your Scotland survival kit!!

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Your Scotland survival kit!

Having spoken to so many people, who are holidaying this summer in Scotland, I figured (schätzen) a blog post on Scottish (English) would be a great idea for the Teatime Titbit Nation to cut out and keep.

Firstly, Scotland is definitely worth (lohnt sich) a trip. The only drawbacks (Nachteile) could be, yes you guessed it, the unpredictable (unvorhersehbar) weather and understanding the people.

The Scottish dialects can be difficult in themselves but then they sometimes use different words, a lot with Gaelic origins. Check out my simple survival kit of words any tourist needs to know!

Scottish English
Aye Yes
Wee little
Bonny pretty/ beautiful
Och well
Sassenach Englishman
Bairn child/baby
Laddie/lassie boy/girl
Hogmanay New Year’s Eve

When travelling around

Loch(Ness) Lake
Glen (Glencoe) Valley
Ben (Nevis) Mountain
Firth (of Forth) Estuary

Then there’s food & drink
Haggis pudding made from minced meat (offal = Innereien) and oatmeal
Wee dram a shot of Scotch Whisky – when drinking say
Slainté Cheers / Your health

And that shouldn’t be a problem, according to the website www. there are 98 distilleries in Scotland.

If you would like a more comprehensive (umfassend) guide, please check out the following website:

2 Gedanken zu „Your Scotland survival kit!!

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Edinburgh is still on my wish list. The Scottish nature is impressive, especially the rough coastline must be great. Moreover, I love the sound of bagpipes. Modern and traditional music is simply amazing. If you want to get an impression of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers take a look at this vids:

    So far, only shortbread and Scapa Whisky found their way to me while waiting for a return visit. However, after some glasses of whisky I might at least be able of speaking Scottish. 😉 Slainté!

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Edinburgh – amazing, highly recommend it. Thanx for the link and yes alcohol definitely helps get your tongue around the Scottish words. TC. Dave

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