A little rhyme.

With the nights getting longer & longer,

snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of tea or something stronger,

a good read on your mobile display,

the most relaxing way to end the day.


What about the ‘Walking English Dictionary’ WED PDF book say?

Or do you fancy the PDF book FOF ‘Fun on Friday’?

The WED isn’t an English dictionary but will (help) make you into one.

FOF book is perfect ‘edutainment’, fun English vocabulary by the tonne.


Just click on one of the links below,

Download, get reading, into the flow,

New titbits, aha, fun titbits, giggles & laughter

A wonderful evening in and happy ever after.


50 super rich vocabulary Teatime Titbit blog texts – every new word brings you closer to a walking English dictionary – Walking English Dictionary PDF

50 fun vocabulary Teatime Titbit blog texts – from fun phrases to f**k phrases and everything in between. Fun on Friday PDF

Have a great weekend.

Ein Gedanke zu „A little rhyme.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    While reading your great little rhyme
    I spend my daily English time.
    Edutainment is all I need
    helping me quickly to proceed.

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