GYG Day 24 This week.

Big fanfare, trumpets sounding, Yes, it’s Thursday! Why such a big fuss over Thursday? Well, we’ve made it over the hump and there’s light at the end of the tunnel, at the moment Thursday morning 5am, still maybe just a distant light. It will get bigger though and as quick as you can TGIF, it’s there –THE WEEKEND!

How’s this week been for you on a scale from awful to awesome? Let’s take stock of what you’ve done this week. Grab a pen and jot down what you’ve managed to achieve/cross off your ‘to-do list’ this week.

At work: complete assignment/project, attend 10 meetings, hold a presentation etc.

At home: do chores, run errands, prepare meals, do exercise etc.

How would it look for Dave?

I’ve published my daily posts this week.

I’ve sold 3 Workplace English Toolkit (WET) books this week. (Link to book)

I’ve prepared 2 new exercise and worksheets for company sessions this week.

I’ve been to the gym twice this week.

I’ve ONLY once read a goodnight story to Matthew (my son) this week. (I hang my head in shame)

What do all the above sentences have in common? Yep, you guessed it PAST PRESENT (I’ve published, I’ve sold etc). But why? Remember the idea of something starting in the past and continuing in the present.

Whenever a time isN’T over, usually expressed with the signal word ‘this’: ‘this week’ started in the past (Monday) and is still ongoing/hasn’t finished (Thursday), ‘this morning’ (at 10am – the morning isn’t over), today (at 5pm – today isn’t over), etc.

And, what about your list for ‘this week’? I hope you’ve had a good week!

BTW if you are interested in time management, I can highly recommend the book ’12 week years’ (link to Teatime Titbits Book Club) as well as the YouTube channel, Thomas Frank. Check him out.

fuss (Aufheben), to make it (es schaffen, etw zu tun), to be over the hump (über den Berg sein), awful (furchtbar), to take stock of sth (über etw Bilanz ziehen), to jot down (etw kurz notieren), to manage (to do sth) (es schaffen, etw zu tun), to cross (sth) off (the list) (etw von der Liste streichen), to do one’s chores (die häuslichen Pflichten erledigen), to run errands (Besorgungen machen), to exercise (sich bewegen), to hang one’s head in shame (beschämt den Kopf hängen lassen), to have in common (Gemeinsam haben)

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2 Gedanken zu „GYG Day 24 This week.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    I‘ve bought a birthday present for my best friend this week.

    I‘ve kept my hospital appointment this week.

    I‘ve been to the pharmacy twice this week.

    I‘ve got a new TÜV sticker for my Golf this week.

    And: I‘ve read all of Dave‘s blog posts this week. 🙂

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